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David J. Frank is Wisconsin's leader in landscape design, construction and maintenance, plus holiday decorating and snow removal!

We offer complete services for every season and our experienced professionals welcome projects of all sizes, commercial and residential, anywhere in the Milwaukee and Madison areas.


Your comfort level and complete satisfaction are our highest priorities, so please take some time to browse our website, see photos of our unique and award-winning landscapes and read about our staff and services.  We are confident we can meet and exceed all your outdoor needs and offer the best people, the best projects and the best opportunities!



Did You Know...When it comes to fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, more is NOT better. Too much fertilizer or herbicide can end up in our waterways and an extra dose of pesticide can kill “good” insects like bumblebees and ladybugs along with the destructive ones.  For the best results, follow label instructions exactly.