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Welcome to DJFLCI's Blog

As Wisconsin's top team for landscape services, we have lots of information and insight to share. Follow our blog to learn about special projects, seasonal concerns, common problems, new products, company news and green industry updates.

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Window Dressing: 8 Tips for Vibrant Window Boxes and Flower Pots  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Tue 18-April-2017 8:35:36 AM

Window Dressing ...8 Tips for a Vibrant Small Container: Ideas for Beautiful Window Box and Flower Pots
- By Sarah C. Lange for M Magazine

Passing the Torch: The "Next Generation" at DJFLCI  (Category: Commercial)
Posted: Tue 11-April-2017 9:25:02 AM

Earlier this spring, David J. Frank Landscape announced a big step forward and introduced its next generation president, David R. Frank. Formerly the CFO, David R. (DRF) now assumes the role of President while his father, David J., has become Chairman/CEO ...

Flower Power!  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Mon 03-April-2017 1:21:17 PM

Spring is in the air and we're in M Magazine ... check out these articles featuring flower recommendations by our own Kurt Bartel ...

David J. Frank Snow Department Earns ISO 9001/SN9001 Certification  (Category: Commercial)
Posted: Thu 30-March-2017 12:40:24 PM

We're proud to announce that the Snow and Ice Management Services Department of David J. Frank Landscape Contracting has been certified to the ISO 9001/SN9001 standards by Smithers Quality Assessments. The certification attests to our superior quality service for snow and ice management, and reflects our dedication to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction through systematic refinement of internal processes.

Delivering DJFLCI Quality ... By the Truckload!  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Mon 15-August-2016 8:30:43 AM

Shining a spotlight on the team of drivers that deliver quality for David J. Frank, day after day ...

"I See Your Trucks Everywhere"... Because Of These Guys!  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Mon 01-August-2016 9:54:04 AM

Shining a spotlight on the team of mechanics that keeps David J. Frank Landscape's fleet on the road ...

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Save More Than Grass!  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Tue 19-July-2016 12:13:56 PM

An underground lawn irrigation system is like an insurance policy for your landscape! We can help you save water, time and energy while protecting the investment you've made in your lawn and landscape.

Fall for a Great Lawn  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Thu 11-October-2012 1:49:23 PM

Did you know fall is a great time to plant grass seed and to feed your existing lawn? Find out what you can do now for a better lawn next spring!

IPM Update ...  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Wed 05-September-2012 8:55:10 AM

Don't leaf it alone! Entomologists, arborists and horticulturists at David J Frank can help you identify and treat tree and shrub problems like Tar Spot on maples and Scale on euonymus (also known as spindle or burning bush) ...

Impatiens In Danger: Mildew Alert!  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Wed 15-August-2012 9:14:31 AM

A new plant disease has been identified in our area: called Downy Mildew, it affects popular bedding Impatiens. Our crews are on the look out and you should be too ...

High and Dry: Drought Alert  (Category: Commercial)
Posted: Thu 28-June-2012 1:15:45 PM

High temperatures and dry conditions are a dangerous combination for annuals and plants under 3 years old, so check out our drought alert and follow these watering recommendations to save your landscape and avoid costly replacements…

New Isn't Always Improved ...  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Tue 26-June-2012 3:12:26 PM

It's easy to be tempted by slick ads for new flowers and hybrid plants but buyer beware ... new varieties aren't always better. Ask these questions before you choose something new over tried ‘n true.

Moving Your Indoor Plants Outside  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Tue 15-May-2012 7:39:07 PM

Even houseplants and other indoor plants enjoy getting out of the house for a little fresh air, sunshine and change of scenery but take a few precautions to successfully move indoor plants out.

Time for Tree Care!  (Category: Specialty)
Posted: Wed 22-February-2012 8:55:15 AM

Winter is winding down but there’s still time to trim trees before spring. Check out our “top ten” reasons to prune this winter, then call us for a free estimate on arborist services for protecting this valuable part of your landscape.

10 Landscaping Trends for 2012  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Tue 10-January-2012 1:13:52 PM

Every spring, our staff compiles a list of new ideas for outdoor living. Here are our top ten recommendations for improving your landscape and your lifestyle.

Tasty Containers - Just Add Edibles!  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Mon 19-December-2011 9:04:49 AM

With a new year approaching, we’re talking about what’s new in landscaping, and one answer is good enough to eat! Edibles in containers will be hot this spring ...

Growing UP...with Green Roofs  (Category: Commercial)
Posted: Tue 06-December-2011 9:55:09 AM

In urban developments where most of the land is covered with bricks and asphalt, landscaping can only go up. Way up, with green roofs ...

What Might Be Killing Our Trees ?  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Mon 14-November-2011 12:00:00 PM

What do landscape pros talk about when they get together? This week at David J. Frank, we’re talking about tree-killing Imprelis herbicide.

New Ideas From Our Nursery  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Wed 20-July-2011 9:07:28 AM

A recent staff meeting included an informative walk through our tree nursery at the Germantown headquarters, led by Dave Grillaert.

Summer Color.... Contained!  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Mon 13-June-2011 12:00:31 PM

There's nothing like annual flowers for adding color to a patio, front yard landscape, storefront, office entry or any place that needs a seasonal boost.

Spring Ahead and Catch Up!  (Category: Residential)
Posted: Mon 09-May-2011 10:49:16 AM

It's been an unseasonably cool season, but after a few set backs and false starts, Spring is finally here! Time to get out in the garden ...