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Tree Services and Tree Care

Planting, Pruning, Tree Spraying,
Stump Grinding & More

Both deciduous shade trees and evergreens  are important parts of your landscape: they are focal points that give a property vertical structure, privacy screening and a sense of history that only comes from mature wood.  But their value goes far beyond beauty:  trees improve our air, provide shade and shelter, reduce noise and prevent soil erosion.


David J. Frank certified arborists offer complete tree care, with services including pruning, tree shaping, tree trimming, removing broken branches, stump grinding and of course, fertilizing and planting trees.  They are also experts at diagnosing and treating tree disease that can cause wilting or spotted leaves, peeling bark or dead branches, and can spray trees or otherwise eliminate caterpillars, emerald ash borer and other destructive, leaf-eating insects.



Fall Savings

David J. Frank Landscape Contracting, Inc. has more great trees than ever before.  We have hundreds of acres of evergreen, shade and ornamental trees, all on sale and readily available to add beauty and value to your residential, commercial, public or private property.


Contact us for information on specific trees, sizes and reduced pricing; delivery and planting services also available.



Arboriculture is a very specialized field that requires ongoing education, experience and the right equipment.  David J. Frank offers all that plus a 120-acre nursery for trees at our Germantown headquarters to provide you with the best selection of hardy new shrubs and evergreens, plus shade and ornamental trees.


Contact us to schedule routine service or for emergency assistance for storm damaged trees.  We look forward to improving and protecting your trees, from root to canopy.