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Irrigation Services

Environmentally Friendly Irrigation Systems, Lawn Sprinklers, Drain Tile, Pond Care & More



At David J. Frank, we provide a complete range of professional LEED-certified consulting, design, installation and maintenance services for automated lawn and garden irrigation systems, as well drainage solutions and pond services for homes and businesses.  As a member of the national Irrigation Association, we utilize the latest products and practices to deliver efficient, reliable service for all your watering and water-related landscape needs.


Efficient Watering Systems

Irrigation or sprinkler systems eliminate the hassle and inconsistency of watering a lawn the traditional way: dragging hoses and sprinkler eads over dry grass or to care for new sod can be damaging, and it's difficult to water grass or a garden evenly and appropriately.  Our irrigation design includes moisture sensors that apply just the right amount of water at the right times, so it can be properly absorbed for a healthy lawn. With a new eco-friendly in ground or drip irrigation system, you'll be saving water, saving money and helping the environment.

Drainage Solutions

While automatic water irrigation can eliminate concerns about drought and lawn care, we can also help if you have too much water on your property.  Our irrigation specialists also are experienced in stormwater management and can install water drainage systems or drain tile to address flooding or standing water in your yard.

Servicing Water Features

Our irrigation experts also design and service ponds, waterfalls and fountains.  From installing water lines and filters to pond aerators and pump stations for circulation and algae control, they are experienced and well equipped to manage all your outdoor water - and watering - needs.

Protect your landscape, increase your property value and conserve water!  For a free estimate or to schedule service, please contact our Irrigation Department.