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Arbors & Pergolas

  • /uploads/DSC02037.jpg

    Complete your country garden with a charming arbor.

  • /uploads/Forrer(JH)_1_001.jpg

    The sky's the limit at David J. Frank; let us design the perfect patio and pergola.

  • /uploads/DSC04434.jpg

    Dining in style. This pergola creates an incredible place for entertaining.

  • /uploads/09-Zarr_003.jpg

    No maintenance! Zach Lieven constructed this pergola of durable synthetic Azek.

  • /uploads/schlitz(kae)_1.jpg

    Frame your patio with a charming pergola.

  • /uploads/100_5463.jpg

    An arbor with climbing vines and flowers makes a lovely garden entrance.

  • /uploads/Picture-020.jpg

    Jeffrey Miller designed this amazing pergola with laser-cut metal panels and lighted posts.

  • /uploads/Schmitz1(VCB).jpg

    This cool rustic pergola was designed by Vance Barnes for a home in the woods.

  • /uploads/10-13-08-013.jpg

    This custom pergola features curved wood and copper detailing.

  • /uploads/100_0469.jpg

    Create a beautiful entry to your backyard with a cool pergola.

  • /uploads/101_3068.jpg

    Jeff Hershberger designed this pergola around a cozy fire pit.

  • /uploads/5-24-07-225.jpg

    Add shade and structure to a patio with a custom pergola by Vance Barnes.

  • /uploads/100_9116.jpg

    Room with a view! These "walls" don't block views of a beautiful yard.

  • /uploads/100_7594.jpg

    Cedar beams and boards are used to create a custom arbor.

  • /uploads/100_0544_001.jpg

    A free form pergola adds height and interest.

  • /uploads/100_0947.jpg

    Lattice walls and a pergola define the space in an outdoor room.

  • /uploads/100_1623.jpg

    This patio by Jane Frank features a custom pergola for shade and interest.

  • /uploads/100_3042.jpg

    David J. Frank has a carpentry shop that specializes in unique wood structures.

  • /uploads/2013-07-29-15-31-41.jpg

    This pergola on pillars was designed by landscape architect Michael Seaman.

  • /uploads/DSC_0116.jpg

    This formal garden features an elegant curved arbor.

  • /uploads/100_3060.jpg

    An open air room is perfect by the pool!

  • /uploads/100_3419.jpg

    A pergola shades a sunny entrance.

  • /uploads/100_4007.jpg

    Pergolas help a patio feel like an extension of the home.

  • /uploads/100_4321.jpg

    Use a pergola over walkways for protection without a confined feeling.

  • /uploads/100_6240.jpg

    Natural wood can be used to create a charming, rustic arbor.

  • /uploads/100_6886.jpg

    A pergola with a lattice panel offers some privacy and structure on the patio.

  • /uploads/652429_652429-R1-15-15.jpg

  • /uploads/Landmark-roof-005.jpg

    Pergolas are part of the artistry of this Milwaukee green roof!

  • /uploads/main(kae)_5.jpg

    Accent your entry with an open-air structure of wood and brick.

  • /uploads/100_5665.jpg

    Even a simple pergola turns a patio into an outdoor room!

  • /uploads/Doerr-05.jpg

    Growing UP! Help plants get off the ground with an arbor to climb on.

  • /uploads/DSC00965.jpg

    Use arbors for a flowery entrance!

  • /uploads/goldberg(kae)_2.jpg

    Small space has big impact when you add a cedar pergola.

  • /uploads/Holson(AS)_4.jpg

    Wooden you love a pergola in your back yard? David J. Frank does custom carpentry!

  • /uploads/img_0789.jpg

    Add dimensional interest with arbors and pergolas for your garden.

  • /uploads/IMG_9064.jpg

    A poolside pergola is the perfect place to relax!

  • /uploads/Landmark-roof-026.jpg

    Bent cedar forms a beautiful domed structure in this rooftop garden.

  • /uploads/main(kae)_2.jpg

    Three P's make this landscape perfect: patio, pond, pergola!

  • /uploads/Miletti-arbor.jpg

    The high point of this landscape is a peaked pergola.

  • /uploads/Picture-003.jpg

    There are so many styles and shapes for pergola - let us find the right one for you!

  • /uploads/swanson(kae)_1.jpg

    Even a small pergola makes a patio more enjoyable and comfortable.

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