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  • /uploads/01-Uline.jpg

    Uline’s new corporate headquarters sits at the center of 200 acres of a meticulously developed landscape.

  • /uploads/02-Uline.jpg

    A dramatic before photo shows the beginning of construction in an open field near the interstate.

  • /uploads/03-Uline.jpg

    The entry at “the Lodge” sets the tone - precise without being overly showy.

  • /uploads/06-Uline.jpg

    The view from Uline’s patio is a spectacular scene worthy of the locale … Pleasant Prairie!

  • /uploads/07-Uline.jpg

    The large patio serves as an open-air break room that includes trees, tall grasses and many flowers.

  • /uploads/08-Uline.jpg

    A million square feet of warehouse is buffered by a heavy line of new pines and native flowers.

  • /uploads/09-Uline.jpg

    A field stone wall was built to define the property line between this site and adjacent farmland.

  • /uploads/10-Uline.jpg

    Free-standing stone walls also add distinction at the main entry.

  • /uploads/11-Uline.jpg

    The main entry features large beds of annuals and ornamental grasses.

  • /uploads/12-Uline.jpg

    What could have been acres of asphalt is a grid of paths and pocket gardens among the parking places.

  • /uploads/13-Uline.jpg

    There are many places on campus where the office and massive warehouse are nowhere in site.

  • /uploads/14-Uline.jpg

    Love of both nature and art are evident throughout the site, which is the perfect “gallery” for many wildlife sculptures.

  • /uploads/15-Uline.jpg

    This amazing landscape is made of perfect ponds, winding paths, mature large trees and endless wildflowers.

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