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    David J. Frank can install and service outdoor lights that brighten any garden.

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    Add coach lights to your landscape to welcome you home in the evening!

  • /uploads/1-Courtyard_001.jpg

    Landscape lighting brings patios and gardens to life after dark.

  • /uploads/6-Courtyard-Entry.jpg

    Include lights in a pergola for beautiful, dimensional shadows, or inlay a light under a stained glass panel in the paving.

  • /uploads/7_025.jpg

    Pillars with lanterns are perfect for entry landscapes.

  • /uploads/PF380_001.jpg

    A lighted fountain offers soft light and sound all night long.

  • /uploads/Doerr-Residence-013.jpg

    Lanterns add soft light, vertical interest, security and value to your home landscape.

  • /uploads/100_0861.jpg

    Help people find you after dark; illuminate your address with landscape lighting!

  • /uploads/100_3366.jpg

    Gas lanterns are a cleaner, easier alternative to candles but cast the same lovely glow.

  • /uploads/100_3679.jpg

    Outdoor lanterns adds interest and increase safety and security on your property.

  • /uploads/100_7090.jpg

    Lighted caps can be included in any landscape wall or pillar.

  • /uploads/100_7419.jpg

    Rather than wall mounted outdoor lights, consider lights along the steps.

  • /uploads/photo-3_001.jpg

    Watch your step with low voltage LED path lights.

  • /uploads/100_9723.jpg

    Low voltage landscape lights come in all styles and finishes, from traditional to modern.

  • /uploads/Con-Sinai-002.jpg

    Light posts can be integrated into a landscape to add vertical interest.

  • /uploads/DSC02759.jpg

    Light a patio with coach lamps on masonry walls and pillars.

  • /uploads/Fink(AS)-1.jpg

    Low voltage path lights help you navigate the landscape at night.

  • /uploads/IMG_3779.jpg

    Highlight a focal point in your landscape with outdoor lanterns.

  • /uploads/img181.jpg

    Lights placed throughout the landscape make the area more inviting.

  • /uploads/jansen6(kae).jpg

    Light the way down a drive with landscape lights or lanterns.

  • /uploads/White-2_001.jpg

    No need to go in after dark - landscape lighting lets you enjoy being outdoors longer.

  • /uploads/Voelz(JH)_202.jpg

    Coach lamps compliment a traditional landscape.

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