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Walls - Outcropping

  • /uploads/DSC00944.jpg

    Retaining walls of large outcropping stone look great but also prevent erosion in a sloped yard.

  • /uploads/Voelz(JH)004.jpg

    Outcropping stone is used to create a terraced garden that utilizes space in a steep grade.

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-026.jpg

    Changes in elevation can be an opportunity to create beautiful landscapes using outcropping and wall stone.

  • /uploads/04-04-2007-015.jpg

    A variety of natural stone products can be used for retaining and decorative walls.

  • /uploads/100_1363.jpg

    Outcropping stone is great natural look for a landscaped hill - especially in Wisconsin.

  • /uploads/101_0357.jpg

    Landscape rocks, like lannonstone and natural steppers, are best suited to informal designs.

  • /uploads/102_4329.jpg

    Transitional areas in a landscape can be gradually blended with stone walls.

  • /uploads/1003-schmitz.jpg

    Water wall! This stone wall was designed with a waterfall at its center.

  • /uploads/2011-06-11-09-33-21_001.jpg

    Retaining walls are planted with trees, shrubs and perennial flowers.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-08-02-050.jpg

    A wall of outcropping stone creates a buffer between a busy road and a Class A business park.

  • /uploads/DSC_0280.jpg

    Spreading evergreens and perennials add color to this stone wall.

  • /uploads/DSC02196.jpg

    Outcropping stones are place so there is room to mix plants into this hillside landscape.

  • /uploads/DSC02796.jpg

    Sedum is also called stone crop and for good reason - it grows easily and fills in a rocky landscape.

  • /uploads/DSC09044.jpg

    Field stone, outcropping stone and crushed granite are incorporated into this natural garden.

  • /uploads/mcland3(kae)_outcrop.jpg

    Large outcropping stones are used in this tri-level landscape, which includes a fire pit on the center patio.

  • /uploads/Wein-024.jpg

    A wall of outcropping stone buffers wind on the lower patio with fire pit.

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