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  • /uploads/100_0063.jpg

    Between office buildings, an urban courtyard features fountains and islands of flowers.

  • /uploads/07-Sweeter-with-Thyme_001.jpg

    A private courtyard is a peaceful retreat for these homeowners.

  • /uploads/100_0354_001.jpg

    A rose garden flourishes behind the brick walls of this private courtyard.

  • /uploads/01-Murphy_005.jpg

    This courtyard is filled with raised beds and small seating areas - ideal for taking a break!

  • /uploads/100_0137.jpg

    A small courtyard in a shopping center invites people to relax for a while.

  • /uploads/4-20-06-032.jpg

    This rooftop courtyard overlooks Bayshore Mall and offers private green space for those living in this busy lifestyle community.

  • /uploads/100_4998.jpg

    Smart businesses know that environments like this actually improve productivity.

  • /uploads/100_0513.jpg

    This open-air room gives employees room to breathe ...

  • /uploads/100_0206.jpg

    This simple courtyard has an old world feel.

  • /uploads/100_0621.jpg

    A small back yard is home to this charming little courtyard.

  • /uploads/100_1484_002.jpg

    David J. Frank can help create and care for a courtyard among condos.

  • /uploads/100_1582.jpg

    This little park-like courtyard gives city dwellers a private piece of green space.

  • /uploads/100_3357.jpg

    This formal courtyard is a gardener's paradise.

  • /uploads/100_2522.jpg

    Open and inviting, this city space includes several areas to relax and enjoy a bit of nature.

  • /uploads/100_1588.jpg

    A walled yard is a safe, private retreat for these tenants.

  • /uploads/100_7594_001.jpg

    Columns and pergolas form open walls in this private courtyard.

  • /uploads/100_1834.jpg

    A courtyard at the Wisconsin Humane Society doubles as a memorial garden and meeting place.

  • /uploads/100_4925_003.jpg

    Low stone walls surround this patio without obstructing views of the surrounding gardens.

  • /uploads/2012-DJF-08-20-043.jpg

    The courtyard at Alverno College welcomes students and faculty with a sea of flowers.

  • /uploads/DCP_1118_001.jpg

    A pond and fountain are the focal points of this courtyard for surrounding businesses.

  • /uploads/DJF-08-07-06-015.jpg

    A courtyard at a corporate office in Menomonee Falls offers a warm welcome.

  • /uploads/DSC_0052.jpg

    Fencing creates a private courtyard at this home in the heart of the city.

  • /uploads/DSC_0140.jpg

    A formal courtyard adds elegance to this stately home.

  • /uploads/IMG_3239.jpg

    These apartments stand apart, thanks to a private courtyard.

  • /uploads/IMG_3548.jpg

    Decorative iron fencing secures this Mequon courtyard.

  • /uploads/IMG_4161.jpg

    Tenants meet and relax in this quiet courtyard.

  • /uploads/IMG_4275.jpg

    This small courtyard has live walls for a comfortable enclosure.

  • /uploads/IMG_9314_001.jpg

    Order in this court! This courtyard is circled in rows of roses.

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